Hold space for yourself And heal emotional wounds

the only journal of its kind...

In September 2020, the daily heal flip journal will be available for purchase in paperback and spiral bound hardcover.


On one side of this journal, you will find a guided repeating practice for the HEAL© acronym method but on the other side, you will discover Be Your Own Medicine, a deep dive prompt journal that will change the way you relate to emotional pain.


The Daily Heal Journal is unlike any other prompt journal on the market because like you, I have found it hard to find a prompt journal that actually invites me to get to know myself better and offer me practical tools in making changes to my life. 

 It is to be used as an SOS companion for when you feel 'activated' daily life ('triggered' has been generally misused to include both feelings of sadness as well as deep, psychological trauma, so we refer to activated in respect), combining cognitive behavioural therapy with spiritual wellbeing practices.


The book is filled with original & inspiring quotes from poet, Sez to help you establish an incredibly empowered & unconditional emotional wellbeing.


As a former designer and lifetime lover of good quality, beautiful journals, Sez has spared no detail in creating this one of a kind writing experience.


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Released September 2020!


Discover the Best-selling POetry book, healing her

Listen, Read on Kindle & Get the paperback book of Sez' bestselling poetry book, Healing HER.

"This should be compulsory reading for all women"

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