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How we open up a 

  with our healing body

We are all constantly healing. It's not a destination but a way of living. Because we tend to believe in our insufficiency more than we do our wholeness, and it takes a remembering, a stillness and an unlearning to come back to the completeness of who we already are.


Being emotionally sensitive, we often land up spending all our emotional energy in self-defence rather than self-nourishment. 

Instead of harnessing the power of our emotional energy in our creative work, our empathic business or our family-life, we get caught up in it, allowing our moods to be dictated by different energies, our success to be validated by external & changing factors, & our quality of life fated by emotional-states, which often don't tell us the full truth.


Empaths relate to their emotions differently, giving them much more meaning and purpose. Imagine having the ability to either be driven by your emotional wellbeing or dismantle suffering & trauma with a simple self-healing tool?

The HEAL© practice created by Sez, is an acronym for a profound way of opening ourself up to deeper healing, so we are able to separate ourselves from our emotions for a moment and enquire into our HERstory, allowing trauma, depression, anxiety and stress to dissipate naturally and resolutely.


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Learn how to implement HEAL© into your WEllNESS practice

When you feel overwhelmed by an emotional state of craving, desire, fear, anxiety, distress or anger, use the following acronym to take control of what can often seem like uncontrollable waves distress and hopelessness.  By writing down the HEAL© process every time you feel that sense of overwhelm, you dismantle your subconscious' control and take back your power to live fully aligned.

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We are together on this journey toward being empowered by our Hearts, so join us today!



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