This is a space for creative empaths & sensitive souls who want to heal and empower themselves through the profound power of Self-remembrance.

Through the spoken word, journaling, meditation, poetry & mindful listening, you will be guided back to the essence of yourself - the whole, validated, worthy, confident & self-guided reality of who you already are.

The mission of this space is to provide you with a mirror of the voice you already have in your own head. The words used in all of these meditations, storytellings and poetry come from living in the wilderness and being closer to that unconditional Heart that speaks of kindness, healing & presence.


This is the place where words are planted as seeds into the very heart of your being - and where you will be able to rewrite your emotional health story; blossoming from truth.

Change the way you RElate to your 

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emotional health

rewrite your story?




Sez is a best-selling poet, meditation guide, mother and spoken word artist.

Born and raised in Southern Africa, Sez has spent most of her life travelling nomadically; studying Buddhist Psychology in Sri Lanka before building a cabin in the Danish wilderness with her Scanidanvian husband. 

Sez uses her voice to speak the words of Heart, creating audio experiences to help her listeners connect to the messages they all have within themselves - but often can't express.

Find a sacred place, sit down, take a deep breath and listen to an apothecary of remedial storytellings that will change the way you relate to emotional pain.

"sometimes to heal a wound, we must learn how to live with it, better"

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